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Those that know me, know that I am a bookworm. I read a lot when I can find the time between work and family life. I will always choose a book over Netflix. When I gave up the time waster which is facebook about 3 years ago, I took up reading. I mostly read self help books.

But the best investment I ever made was purchasing a kindle. I will admit, I’m still old fashion and I’m going to say something very contradicting. I LOVE MY KINDLE and I will NEVER go back to normal books.Find the newest Kindle models HERE

Why the switch Mario?

I started buying digital copies of the books I’m reading because I wanted my books NOW. I started reading my books from the computer screen. One of my friends at work had a kindle. I took a look at it and saw all the neat things it does that books don’t.

What will a kindle do for me?

First let me say that if you are not a committed reader don’t waste you money. Stick to what you know. If you’re an avid reader and you want to take your entire library with you to reference anything at anytime, the kindle is for you.

Compared to carrying a thick book, the kindle is very thin and super light weight! It’s very convenient carrying all your books with you.

Compare the size of a book to the Kindle.

Unlike a book, the kindle has a built in backlight. DO NOT go cheap and go with the kindle without a backlight. You’ll be able to read in complete darkness, indoors or outdoors.

Is this really convenient to carry around?

When you’re stuck on a word you do not know, you can quickly highlight the word and the kindle will tell you what that word means. This is perfect for kids! It will expand yours and their vocabulary!

You have the ability to highlight and take notes of those highlights. Then you can go back and reference! You also have the ability to see the most popular highlights of your chosen book. So not only do you have your highlights but the most popular highlights!

Highlights, popular, public or personal!

How is this any different than a tablet, smartphone or an ipad.

Well let’s focus on what tablets are for, they are multi-purpose distractions. Imagine you’re reading your book from your smartphone, then you get a notification from facebook or instagram, what do you do? You look at it of course! Distracting you from what you are reading and 1/2 hour later you’re looking at dumb videos and commenting on other peoples posts. Meanwhile your book is long forgotten. With the kindle, there are no distractions. It’s your book and that is it! No notifications, no phone calls, no dings!

What else can the Kindle do? How else can it help me?

The Kindle has the ability to display other formats other than Kindle books. If you have PDF files that you want to take with you and read them when you don’t have computer available, you can connect your kindle to the computer, drag and drop those PDF’s into your Kindle and read them any time you want. You also have the ability to email these PDF files to your kindle. Every kindle comes with it’s personal email address! NEAT!

You can also check out books from your public library on your kindle! (PARTICIPATING PUBLIC LIBRARIES ONLY) . Even though these will be digital copies, limits on these books also apply. For instance, you won’t be able to “check out” a book if someone already has it checked out. You also have whatever limits of time they have on that book where you must return the digital copy. You can get more information on how it works by clicking HERE


One of the best things about the Kindle is the long battery life. It will last almost 2 weeks on a single charge! Your kindle will almost always be ready to be read. It uses very low power. Try to get your smartphone to last that long! But again, the kindle is very simplistic. It’s black and white screen. No background running apps.

I’ll be honest, it will take a little time to get used to the kindle. But once you use the features that books DON’T have you will wonder how you lived without one. I love mine and I carry it everywhere. In the waiting room at the doctors office, at the DMV, on my break at work. I also have a subscriptions to a periodical that I can read off my Kindle!

These are only some of the books I carry with me.

Books at my fingertips is amazing!

Are you trying to convince me?

Not really no. I’m just telling you what works for me. You should only convince yourself. This is really a personal choice. I made the switch and I love it! I have known people that this was not for them. I can see their point because love physical books but the convenience of having my books with me at anytime sold me! And all those extras like word research and notes are really amazing to have!If you want to do more research and read the reviews click HERE

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